Spray Foam

Water damage and air leaks cause condensation and mold growth. With our high-performance spray foam insulation, you can create a more effective air and moisture barrier for your building or home, saving a tremendous amount of energy over time—and therefore a tremendous amount of money, too. We carry the large 55-gallon drums of closed cell and open cell foam. We also carry smaller spray foam kit options for the “weekend warrior” or the small job where it doesn’t make sense to bring in a big truck and equipment.
  We stock 3 types of NCFI Spray Foam (the most experienced name in spray foam insulation) to cover all your bases for your project:   1.7# Closed Cell Spray Foam 55 gallon kits: 5000-5600 board feet of coverage per set The highest yield on the market!  Consists of closed cell foam, approved for all construction types.   2.0# Closed Cell Spray Foam 55 gallon kits We also have the standard 2# spray foam common in most applications.  Yield will not be as high as the 1.7#, but more on par with other systems you have sprayed previously in the 2# range, approved for all construction types.   ½# Open Cell Spray Foam 55 gallon kits:  16,000-21,000 board feet coverage We also have Open Cell Spray foam insulation for your project.  Open cell is great for sound, and you will get your air barrier at 3.5” thickness.     FACTORS WHICH REDUCE YIELD Applying in multiple lifts Applying to cold surfaces Applying foam in cold ambient temperatures Applying foam chemicals not hot enough Chemicals not on proper ratio Applying foam to rough surfaces Applying foam overhead with more fallout Applying foam in windy conditions Loss of Blowing Agent Inadequate chemical storage condition Spray Gun not adequately cleaned Varying Thickness Applicator Skill   FACTORS WHICH INCREASE YIELD Applying foam at high altitude Applying foam to hot surfaces Spraying foam during hot ambient temperatures Proper Equipment Set up Use of Regulator Tree on Resin drum Good applicator technique – minimize overspray Spray foam systems designed for ambient temperature and location   And, of course, for the smaller jobs, we have you covered with cans and kits!

Reliable Technical Support
We have the expertise on our staff and in our network to provide fast and responsive advice for pre-job planning, job detailing, plan takeoffs, jobsite demos, and site mock-ups. We support everything we offer and are a ready resource for building envelope guidance and needs!

Customization + Specialty Items
Unique circumstances call for specialty items or order customization? No problem. Just contact us.

Needed Accessories
Don’t forget the tape. We are your convenient source for everything needed to insulate and air seal your project.