Rock Wool

This insulation has the added benefits of being designed to delay the spread of fire, repel moisture, and be a top-of-line noise suppressant. The material is not only noncombustible, but also won’t support fungi or corrosion either. Made of inorganic fibers derived from basalt, a volcanic rock, and enhanced with glass fibers, rock wool insulation has a melting point of greater than 2000 degrees and a flame and smoke spread of 0.

We carry Johns Manville Wool Batts, which use advanced manufacturing technology to ensure consistent quality, high-fiber density, and low shot content for excellent performance.

Sound Attenuation Fire Batt (SAFB): Designed to deliver excellent noise control in metal-stud wall cavities of internal partitions, exterior walls, or above suspended ceiling systems. These batts improve the wall assembly Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating by up to 10 dB and have the same fire benefits of Rock Wool.

Temp Control Residential Batt: Designed to meet the big demands of high-performance residential construction, this Rock Wool batt achieves R-values up to R30.  Will delay the spread of fire, repel moisture and is an incredible noise mitigator.

Commercial Board: This continuous insulation material is designed for thermal and fire performance on the exterior of sheathing or curtain wall applications for fire suppression in both commercial and residential applications. It is often used in conjunction with other firestop products. This semi-rigid board makes for easier handling and installs.  

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